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Equal Opportunities 


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Our competencies

Practice skill and knowledge

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  • Demonstrates a high standard of practice skill in direct work with children in need and their families (including children in need of protection), with a track record in improving outcomes for children and families. This includes relationship building, communication skills and analysis.
  • Has a thorough knowledge of statutory frameworks within children’s social care. 
  • Has a good knowledge of theories, conceptual frameworks, practice models and research findings that underpin effective social work practice, including awareness of current issues and debates in the social work profession and in social work academia.
  • Applies evidence-based models of social work into practice in a statutory children’s social care setting.

Analysis and decision making

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  • Is comfortable in managing risk in a high pressure, human services environment.
  • Has confidence in their own decision making and ability to work autonomously, balanced with an ability to self-reflect and seek advice when necessary.
  • Is able to critically evaluate information in the context of high complexity and risk, understanding the role of evidence and one’s own intuition in decision making.
  • Can critically evaluate and effectively manage risk in complex family situations, recognising how bias and evidence influence risk management. Can develop multiple hypotheses about situations that make sense to families, and help people make decisions about what action to take.


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  • Possesses high quality skills in written (e.g., reports), verbal and non-verbal communication with children and families.
  • Able to provide clear and comprehensive analysis in both written and verbal form underpinning decisions, making sure the rationale for why and how decisions have been made is comprehensive and well expressed.
  • Able to use their excellent communication skills to confidently provide analytical, constructive feedback to others to develop their practice.

Developing and assessing practice 

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  • Able to model professionalism through practice skill, personal presentation, behaviour, and self-reflectivity.
  • Is committed to shaping the learning of others and to developing outstanding social workers to lead change for families.
  • Is able to observe, analyse and give feedback on practice, identifying areas of strengths and areas for development.

Supervision and leadership

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  • Able to create a supervisory relationship which provides an emotionally containing space for the supervisee, including being highly supportive and nurturing.
  • Is able to adapt this relationship to be more enabling as the supervisee develops in competence and confidence.
  • Able to monitor systematically the compliance of participants with the requirements of the programme, the policies and procedures of the local authority, and statutory and regulatory requirements and guidance.
  • Is willing and able to challenge and address any non-compliance.

Organisation and planning

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  • Is organised and manages their own time effectively, planning ahead systematically well in advance.
  • Able to organise and plan the arrangements and learning opportunities for four participants over the course of year.
  • Able to ensure that all the requirements of the CSW role are delivered within required timescales. 
  • Able to support and organise the participants so that they deliver what is required within required timescales. 


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  • Can demonstrate confidence in having their own practice observed and scrutinised by others.
  • Is self-reflective, aware of strengths and areas for development, and able to use critical feedback to improve own performance, taking responsibility for one’s own professional development.
Applications will be reviewed anonymously, so please remove any personal identifying information from your answers (i.e. number of years experience, Frontline programme Fellow)

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